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Last outing;

Thu, 12/15/2011 - 7:07AM by angelztan 0 Comments -

Blogging about Sunday (12th Dec 2011): "The sleepover with the absence of 2 VIP's"!!!

Thank you for the fun that night, my last sleepover before flying to Japan.


The next day, we went to Sunway Pyramid to meet up with Erica, Bei Wei and Annie.
Actually, it was suppose to be me only, but Erica was so kind to let them tag along. Thank you! =)

Had a very filling lunch at Pasta Zanmai!

The pretty full people, I don't think any of us could eat another mouthful.


Apparently, we were posing as if we were wearing mask. =D

After that, we went to TSC to see Andrew Tan working and then Marks and Spencers to see the another Andrew working.I saw a pair of flats that I really wanted, but then decided not to purchase it just yet. Never know what I may find later on.

It was quite depressing to rush out at 3 something without a proper goodbye to my dear friends and without even meeting Cai May.

Wish Erica a safe trip to Australia! =)


Half & half;

Sat, 12/10/2011 - 3:49AM by angelztan 0 Comments -

The day I'm blogging about is 28th of November, a Monday. =)

Had lunch with father's old classmate from Form 6, can't believe that they still stay in touch with each other. A miracle!

Their cat named "Cat", so creative. xD

Later, I went to One Utama to watch 50/50 with some friends. Thank you Kai Yuan for inviting us!

I've never been to One Utama before and my dad so nicely dropped me off at the side of the road. While it was raining.

Then, I couldn't find the cinema and appeared at the car park instead, thank God Leslei found me. Just in time for the movies!

Rating: 4.5/5

This was a wonderful movie, highly recommended unless you're a small kid and hyperactive.

This movie is about a man who is diagnosed with cancer and how he went through with it with his friends and families.  The storyline felt very genuine and the characters acted the way anbody would in real life. There was a balance of romance and sadness in it with the right dose of comedy, love it! <3

I cried a bit, so warning: prepare you tissues!

After that, played a bit of archade games and walked around doing a little shopping. Saw CJ and his fiancee.

Didn't manage to take any pictures, just this one. I wished I had a face-forward photo, but they won't let me take it! So many people wore checkered clothings that day, the 2 on the left are part of the majority.

Thank you Kai Yuan for driving us back home. =)


Breaking Dawn;

Wed, 12/07/2011 - 3:24AM by angelztan 0 Comments -

Partied at Min Hong's house on the 24th of November.

Have the time of our lives, played basketball at 3 in the morning and ate McD's at 5. I'm proud to say most of us slept at 6. =D

Then, we met up with more people and went to Subang Parade to watched Breaking Dawn at MBO.

NOTE TO SELF: Bring thick, warm, fur jackets next time.
The place was so cold! Eventhough I put on an extra shirt and pants, I was still shivering.

Rating: 2.5/5

I gave it such a low rating partly because I was too cold to enjoy the movie and partly because they cut a lot of scenes. No sex scene or the giving birth scene, maybe that's why it was PG 13.

Even the fighting scenes weren't that interesting. Quite a dissapointment but what can I expect from a movie famous because of it's good-looking cast and vampire fans?

Hopefully Part 2 is better. =)


After that, went to Club 9 and mamak to celebrate Hanson's birthday! Happy Belated! =P



Last day;

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 2:38AM by angelztan 0 Comments -

Well. it was the last day of school on the 24th of November. I'm about 30 days late, so sorry about this.

It has been a great two years studying in Sirius Scholar. I've met the best people that colored my life.

So, here are some pictures that I spend the whole day taking until my camera ran out of battery! =D

Enjoy! Every picture has its own story and every story is beautiful. So, I'm letting the pictures speak for themselves and also... I'm lazy.  xD


Tattoos N' Tofus (PE class) Always wonder about the name. =/  Tr Karen. =) Will miss dodgeball and captainball!

Tr John Son (Econs) Love that subject!

Our mini cafeteria.

Tr Kusuma (English)

Aunty! =)

Tr Chandrika.

Tr Chung Han and Gabriel (ICT)

Tr Kinsan, Erica and MJ

Tr Zhao.

Uncle Moses.

Tr Ming Yuen.

Tr Ming Yuen and Anne.

Tr Huay Theing, Ivan, William and Sethu.

Tr Yvonne and Pui Khe.

Audreeeeeeeeeeey! LOVES!

Tr Brandon.

Tr Lai.


Tr Melissa and May Peng.

Tr Shaun.

Tr Kai Yuan.

AND.... there's us. =) Sweet memories.


It was a wonderful 2 years of my life. I have experienced a memorable rollercoaster ride with many ups and downs throughout the whole journey.


To any of my friends reading this,

I made friends with some crazy bunch of people who turned my life upside down. Without you guys I wouldn't be able to see a sea above me. =)

The smiles and laughter that we created together, those were the best times of my life. I felt that we could have the time of our lives and graduation was far, far away. But now it has arrived.

I couldn't help crying at the thought that we would have to go our seperate ways after this day.

But life goes on, but I know it would never be the same as the last two years. So, all the best to everyone with their future.

Hopefully, when we meet up again we would recall the moments we had together and turned back into those joyful 16, 17 year old we once were.

Thank you for every meaningful moment from 2010 - 2011. <3



Fri, 12/02/2011 - 11:39PM by angelztan 0 Comments -

I'm so sorry for neglecting my blog!  =(

I was swamped with examinations, Appreciation Day, parties and checking out pre-Us. Also, my internet is out for 2 months!!!

This is unbearable. Will try to update my blog as often as possible.



Sat, 07/02/2011 - 6:39AM by angelztan 0 Comments -

Sorry, it's been a month since I updated, maybe longer because of courseworks and homework. Gonna try to be more consistent. =)

This will be a short one. Anyway, Selena Gomez in her new music video I Love You Like A Love Songhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgT_us6AsDg

Not my favourite but I love that she changes into many different attires. This is my FAVOURITE dress! I LOVE THIS! <3

Anybody want to make this for me for free? =DD



Sun, 05/29/2011 - 4:27AM by angelztan 0 Comments -

It's just the start of the holidays and it's already going downhill. =(

When to Malacca to give moral support for my bro competing in traithlon. Then, horrible things happened:


1. We saw a snatch theft occur. My dad wanted to chase the motorbike but another driver was chasing it anyway. Dunno what happen in the end, but hope they caught the guy.

2. My bro lost the competition.

3. Two of my friends got stung by jellyfish when swimming. So painful until they couldn't complete the race.

4. Jongkar Street was ok. Didn't get the chance to buy anything except food.

5. My dad's car window got smashed and the GPS was stolen!!!!!! That damn F***er!!!!


Had to drive home with a plastic stuck on the door.

I hate that thief!!!!!!!!! I didn't know that Malacca's crime was that bad. First we saw a person that was the victim, then it was our turn. -.-

The only thing I liked about this trip was that I got to eat Tornado Chips which were incredibly delicious.






Event's Day;

Mon, 05/23/2011 - 3:22AM by angelztan 0 Comments -

Just finish Event's Day and we got second place!!!

Angry birds for the whole class! =D

My brother keeps taking mine....-.-


I wished I could participate another year, it was just so fun! Especially the sponge throwing and stinky pool.

maybe they should create an ex-form 5 event. =)

Yellow suits me, doesn't it? Poor birdy, it has bad eye sight as well. xD

The final product of 5G's hard work!

I thought all the problems were over but another popped out: product defect. -.-

Keeping my shirt with all the mud stains for the moment until decisions have been made.

Besides the horrible sweat smell, I would like to keep it that way because it remains me of all the things my class went through. =)

Kind of like "after war souvenir".

ICT exams tomorrow.

So frustrated to the point I'm insulting the subject by drawing on the door of my bathroom... -.-


I'm lame and awesome. Lamesome. =D



My pretty big board;

Sun, 05/01/2011 - 9:22PM by angelztan 0 Comments -

I had an AWESOME birthday!!! I love this picture board thing that my besties made for me, so dedicating one whole post just for it!  =D

Took a picture of it on the floor.

On the bed.

In the living room.

EVERYWHERE!!!! I went crazy with taking pictures! Took a long time to choose which to post.

I'm so grateful for this that I don't even care if they chose the funny, me-looking-like-duck picture!! -.-

Gonna try and hang it up soon.


The funny thing is in the pictures filled with my weird, funny looking faces, I kinda look like other people as well. xD

Another post will be up for the other stuff I received!


22nd April 2011 was an memorable day. Love you'll babes. <3


Indicinelive 3

Sat, 04/30/2011 - 9:25PM by angelztan 0 Comments -

Ya ya, I know I'm so late for this post. It's like one or two weeks ago. But better late than never!

I've never been to KL Pac before but it is awesome! I just love theatre so much!

So, my bro got tickets for us to watch Indicinelive 3. Some of his college friends were going so I tag along.

I didn't know the space was that small. I was kind of imagining big broadway stages, oh how wrong I was.

But this makes it easier for them to communicate with the audience.

Too bad, I chose the seat right at the corner of one end. No more space. =(

I couldn't stop laughing the whole way through the show!

They made all kinds of jokes about, racist, politics, religion and you name it!

I like most of the sketches especially the one about the grandma --------------------- now I understood why they stated there for mature audiences only! =P

I also liked the "English straight translate to Malay and vice versa" sketch. <3 It never gets old.

However, if you're not Malaysian, you won't get most of the jokes. I saw one mat salleh sitting opposite me and his was like "what?" *blur blur look* pity him.

Took a picture with one of the actors. Thanks to my brother's suckish photography skills.

The actors are just so freaking talented and I wished I had the opportunity to join them as well but them no time la. -.-

Still keeping the ticket! =D As you can see it says 16th April but it's already May...


By the way, I saw Joanne Chua at KL Pac! miss my Bratsies! <3

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